For Hotels

A digital communication platform that allows the guest to communicate with the hotel before, during and after their stay.

on Your Stay

Get access to information about your stay, whenever you need it.

The Virtual Concierge integrates into popular property management systems, allowing the guest to manage the important information about their stay.

Guests can access their hotel bill at any time, add a security PIN for their in-room purchases and receive notifications and reminders for any reservations.

& Checkout

Start enjoying the hotel services as soon as you arrive by doing an online check-in, avoiding the long queues at reception. Use the Virtual Concierge online check-in or integrate into your existing process.

Tell us who’s staying, upload their identification documents and agree to the terms. You can see when your room is ready and get information on the status of the room clean. An easy way to show your COVID clean process for peace of mind.

Then when it’s time to leave, you can perform an online Check-Out.

Room Service

If you want to order room service, the Virtual Concierge simplifies the complete ordering process. Just tell it “I’m hungry” to access the digital menu, place your order and receive updates on the status of the order.

And because its online, you don’t even need to be in the room to place the order. If you have a late check-in, order on the way and have your food waiting for you when you arrive.


Once your checked in, you will have access to all the housekeeping functionality. Find out the status of your room, when it was last cleaned and even schedule a room clean yourself.

And if you have forgotten your toothbrush or another essential item, you can order it though the Virtual Concierge. There is even a pillow menu where the guest can see and choose their favourite pillow.

And Much,
Much More

We understand that every hotel is different, and the services they provide are sometimes unique. That’s why we have made the Virtual Concierge total customisable so that it can be tailored to the individual needs of each hotel.

Above you will find some of the main features, but there are so many other features available on the Virtual Concierge that helps it provide such a unique user experience to your guests.

Request a demo

a demo

We understand that every hotel is different, so we offer a free personalised demonstration where we will show you all the features of the Virtual Concierge.

To book your demo, simply use the “Request a Demo” button and choose the date and time that best suits you. You will receive an email confirmation with the link to the virtual demo.
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on Your Stay

The mobile phone is the one thing that most guest carry with them no matter where they go, so they will always have access to the Virtual Concierge.
  • Login authentication with hotel system.
  • Access the Check-in and Check-out functions.
  • View the guest bill.
  • Secure your in-room purchases with PIN number.
  • Manage your choice of language.
  • Receive reminders for your reservations.
  • Receive promotion notifications (Opt-in).

& Checkout

Guests can perform a pre check-in or full check-in via the Virtual Concierge – even if your PMS system does not have this feature.


  • Check-in following the hotel business rules.
  • Integration into popular property management systems.
  • Manage the guest personal information.
  • Upload Identification documents.
  • Manage registration card information.
  • Verify Terms & Conditions.
  • Notification of when your room is ready.
  • Pre-authorise credit cards (requires a secure payment facility).


  • Access your hotel bill.
  • View your mini bar consumption.
  • Pay online (requires a secure payment facility).
  • Request luggage pickup, taxi or additional help.

Room Service

Many hotels already offer room service using the traditional “menu in the room and telephone” but the Virtual Concierge is the modern solution to this service.

Increase your room service revenue by creating special offers that you can update as often as needed.

  • Room service accessible from the guest’s mobile device after check-in.
  • Full customisable digital menu.
  • Multilingual capability to show the menu in your supported languages.
  • Fast ordering – just tell it what you want to order – i.e. “I want to order a peperoni pizza”.
  • Order using voice with the in-room Alexa where available.
  • Receive messages on the status of the order.
  • Orders are automatically charged to your room account.
  • Security PIN number when ordering to make sure it’s you.
  • Order on the move – you don’t need to be in your room to see the menu and order.
  • Its digital, so you can change the menu items without having to re-print all the in-room menu.
  • Special event items for birthdays, anniversaries etc.


The Virtual Concierge allows you to transform your paper processes for new digital processes the guest can perform on their own device.

Check the status of the room

  • Find out information on the last room clean.
  • Schedule a room clean.
  • Order amenities.
  • Pillow menu.
  • Laundry menu.
  • Mini Bar.

Much More

The best way to find out about all the additional features is to request a demonstration and see them for yourself.

In the meantime,
here are some of the additional features.

  • QnA knowledge base of all the hotel FAQ’s using natural language processing.
  • Use Text or Voice commands.
  • Integration with Alexa smart screen devices as standard.
  • Digital promotion of all the hotel services.
  • Digital events calendar.
  • Digital children’s entertainment schedules.
  • Personalised content.
  • Wellness / Spa / Gym modules.
  • Information on the hotel bars and restaurants.
  • Your trusted external eating and drinking recommendations.
  • Promote 3rd party services.
  • Digital satisfaction surveys.
If you already have a digital service or process that you would like to integrate, talk to us about integration – it brings the Virtual Concierge alive! Most modern digital systems have an API interface that allows us to talk to it such as;
  • Restaurant table booking.
  • Facilities management.
  • Spa booking.
  • Valet management.
  • Wifi Access.

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