For Rentals

Whether it’s an apartment or a villa. for vacation or corporate travel, the Virtual Concierge allows the guest to communicate with the rental management company before, during and after their stay.

Property portfolio

Help guests find the perfect rental from your portfolio to fit their needs. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, with kids or without – guest can quickly see what the apartments look like and everything they have to offer. 

With customised views, you can show the information that matters most – the amenities that are included, the location or information on the cleaning protocols used. 

on Your Stay

The mobile phone is the one thing that most guests carry with them no matter where they go, so they will always have access to the Virtual Concierge.   

Get access to the important information about your stay, whenever you need it. 

& Checkout

Preparation is key to any stay. Guests can start preparing for their stay from day one, using the online check-in process to check their details and upload their identification information.

They can check the terms of stay, review the reservation details, confirm the information and inform you of their arrival to our property.

Then when it’s time to leave, you can perform an online Check-out so you know when they have left.

Things to do

Use the Virtual Concierge to let your guests know what they can do around the property. Where are the best places to eat and drink and what are the “must see” attractions nearby?

Generate a new income stream with external partners by inviting them to promote their services via the Virtual Concierge.

Request a demo

a demo

We understand that every hotel is different, so we offer a free personalised demonstration where we will show you all the features of the Virtual Concierge.

To book your demo, simply use the “Book a Demo” button and choose the date and time that best suits you. You will receive an email confirmation with the link to the virtual demo.

Property portfolio

The customised views allow you to tailor the information based on your unique selling points to help you stand out against the competition. 

  • Images
  • Description of the apartment
  • Floor plan dimensions
  • Amenities
  • What’s included in the apartment
  • How to get there
  • Reviews

on Your Stay

The Virtual Concierge can integrate into most modern reservation systems, allowing the guest to manage the important information about their stay. 

  • Access the Check-in and Check-out functions. 
  • View the guest bill with Backoffice integration. 
  • Multilingual. 
  • Receive reminders during your stay 
  • Receive promotion notifications (Opt-in). 

& Checkout

Guests can perform a pre check-in or full check-in via the Virtual Concierge – even if your backoffice system does not have this feature. 


  • Check-in following the business rules. 
  • Integration into popular property management systems. 
  • Manage the guest information. 
  • Upload Identification documents. 
  • Manage registration card information. 
  • Verify Terms & Conditions. 
  • Notification of when your room is ready. 
  • Pre-authorise credit cards (requires a secure payment facility). 


  • Access your bill. 
  • Pay online (requires a secure payment facility). 

Things to do

Help your guests get more out of their stay by informing them digitally what’s on offer nearby. 

  • Generate new income stream via 3rd party promotions 
  • Promote local shopping outlets and markets  
  • Best places to eat and drink  
  • Must see attractions  
  • Children’s entertainment in the area 
  • Theatres, museums , famous landmarks and much more 

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