Virtual Concierge: Differentiate your hotel with Digital Innovation

For many industries today, the number one brand differentiator is quickly becoming the customer experience (CX).

The hotel sector has seen an explosion of new technologies recently that will forever change the way that guests engage with hotels and brings CX to the forefront of the action, transaction, and design. The modern guests expect to have a customer-centric hotel experience starting as early as when they choose the hotel. They want more new experiences, more comfort, and convivence as well as the best possible customer service.

The Virtual Concierge Platform is the latest customer-centric digital solution available to the hospitality industry.

Here are some of the features.

The chatbot provides instant answers

This new digital platform allows hotels to digitalise all their information with a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence that provides guests with instant answers to their questions. The importance of chatbots has grown in the wake of COVID, because guests will often have questions about policies and procedures, and these can usually be answered effectively by chatbots. This offers the guest a more comprehensive customer support experience and reduces the burden on staff.

Self Service Features

It also has many self-serving features which is another great way to enhance the customer experience. Reinventing the way guests order traditional basic services such as room service, choosing a pillow, or scheduling a room clean. By digitalising the process, not only empowers the guest but allows your staff to work smarter with a heightened sense of automation.

Powerful Insights

Every interaction with the Virtual Concierge gathers valuable data. When you really know what your customer wants, you can easily meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
The Virtual Concierge provides valuable insights that offer better trend predictions based on guest behavior. Real-time statistics helps the business understand what guests are asking for, or what services they are looking for, even If they are not on offer.

Use Anytime, Anywhere

The mobile phone is the one thing that most guests carry with them no matter where they are.
And with it, they will also carry the Virtual Concierge. Guests can access information or make in-room purchases using their own mobile phones.

Staff Work Smarter

The Virtual Concierge takes care of the respective tasks and information enquires, while sending service requests directly to the right team. This ensures a responsive service at all times that enables your staff to work smarter and focus on the guest interactions that matter most. The Virtual Concierge ensures that requests are always prioritised effectively, and bottlenecks eliminated.

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