Virtual Concierge: Digitalising the in-room service experience

It was in 1931 that The Waldorf Astoria became one of the first hotels to offer room service in order to enhance their guest experience.

Fast forward to 2020 and the concept of ordering food that is delivered to our door is engrained into our lifestyle and has become a billion-dollar business with companies such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, Just Eat and Deliveroo all competing for our home food delivery business.

Each of these companies offers the user an APP with a simple to use interface, where they can browse the ever-changing menu offers and get promotions and discounts that are updated regularly.

Now if we go back to the hotel process, in most cases it has not evolved much since 1931.

Typically, there is a printed menu that is in the room (now with the COVID protocol these need to be disinfected or made disposable). The menu options are usually fixed and explained using just text which requires a bit of imagination on the guest side if they are looking for something a bit more adventurous than a burger. Ordering the food requires the guest use the hotel phone to call in their order.

And if you want to order food while you’re outside the hotel, then the process is even more complex – which is not great when you on your way to the hotel with hungry kids.

So how can give the hotel guest the “Uber Eats” experience and modernise the way people order room service in hotels?

The Virtual Concierge Platform has the answer. Our Room Service module reinvents the way guests interact with the hotel services.

Here is our take on modern Room Servicing.

  • The Virtual Concierge uses an image-rich Digital Menu that is updated via a simple to use Content Management System. This allows the hotel to be as simple or adventurous with their menu offering.



  • Want to give your guests great Special Offers – no problem. Everyone loves special offers and you can easily update your prices and create promotions to entice your guests to order.



  • Personalised content is proven to increase sales (just ask Amazon!). When the offerings are relevant to the guest, they are more likely to buy. So, showing kid-friendly items for your family guests or special occasion items when you know it’s their birthday will increase your room service revenue.



  • Fancy a Pizza or prefer the Vegetarian option? You can ask the Virtual Concierge to show you the options using Natural Language. Just tell the Virtual Concierge “I fancy a pepperoni Pizza” or “show me your vegetarian options.



  • Get creative with your seasonal offerings. Christmas is a great time to add some local specials to the menu. My favorite is still the Turkey Sandwich with all the trimmings and a mince pie, but I am sure the chefs will come up with some dishes that will make ordering room service a real alternative to going out.



  • Go mobile – because the Virtual Concierge is accessible via your mobile phone, you don’t need to be in the room to place your order. So, if you’re not in the hotel or lying by the pool, you can place your order and it will be waiting for you when you get to your room.



And there are many more features that can help to deliver a great guest experience and a very modern room service experience for your guests.

We didn’t invent room servicing, we just made it better.

Find out more and request your demo today to see the Virtual Concierge in action.